If you’re a craft beer lover, chances are good you don’t need much inspiration to pull up a glass and enjoy a pint. Here at the Gardner Ale House our Moon Hill Brewing gang makes it easy to enjoy a good beer, but coming up with a good name is a big part of the process too! And that’s where inspiration’s important, especially when it comes from unusual places.

Take, for instance Templeton’s earthquakes. Not one, mind you, but two. And not during any average week. No — during Christmas.

“After getting our very own pair of earthquakes in the Templeton area, it was incumbent for us to name our next double IPA after the double Christmas quakes,” said our General Manager Stacey Kazinskas. And an enthusiastic owner Rick Walton exclaimed, “Finally, the east coast gets some temblar cred and a double one at that!”

What better inspiration for naming a brand new beer? And that’s how our Earthshake Double IPA came about. Now, silly names are a mainstay of Moon Hill’s brewing team of Ryan Daigle and Matt Ducharme. The dedicated effort they put into coming up with creative names would lead one to believe that, deep inside the brewery, there exists a Ministry of Silly Names, perhaps similar to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

But just as “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” no one expected twin Templeton quakes at Christmas time. And aren’t we lucky? Jumping on that one allowed us to release Earthshake Double IPA on January 21st — exactly one month to the day after the first Templeton earthquake.

So if you liked Oats Magoats…if you liked Craft Punk (both Double IPAs with their own dose of creative naming)…you’re going to love the Earthshake Double IPA. You just are. Earthshake is currently available in 16oz cans and on tap, only at the Gardner Ale House, in the host display fridge and behind the bar.

So Templeton, here’s to you and your double Christmas earthquakes. You rock! Literally!

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