Have you heard the rumor or rumors? We love a good rumor. It gets the word out and sometimes the information is even correct. In any event, a good rumour creates a good buzz. Well, then, let me set the record straight!

We are changing it up here at ol’ 74 Parker St. We are turning Sundays into a delightful breakfast stop, 9:00 AM till Noon. Still live Jazz music beginning at 10:00 AM. Still Bloody Marys, Mimosas, beer and full bar beginning at 10:00 AM. Still regular menu and Dinner Specials beginning at Noon. The Sunday change up is to breakfast, and like change, our breakfast is good. Admittedly, we were getting a little tired of the buffet; we threw out so much food! At least those pigs up in New Hampshire scored big, but what a waste of good food! So, now we have put together a very comfortable and elegant breakfast menu. Ever heard of a menu being called comfortable before?

So, are you worried? What’s the first question that jumps into your head, you buffet addict, you! Will I get enough to eat? Will it cost more? Will it be oh so totally more awesome? What about the Brunch Club? In order, the answers are, Yes, No, Totally and it’s called The Breakfast Club! And yes, your brunch club card credits are transferable. How can you be upset? How can you not be hilariously happy? This is twice more fun, easily, no, three times.

If you’ve been hanging around our last few brunches you may have snagged a discount coupon. But you shouldn’t need that to come out for our new baby.

So what’s your other nagging question? The comfortable menu? What’s so comfortable about it? Well, you’ve just rolled out of bed and don’t need to think. You want to fall into your selection and engage. Comfortable. Easy.

We got your eggies and toast, your sourdough pancakes, your steak and eggs, your home fries, your yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, house cured lox and bagels, eggs benny, breakie burrito, biscuits & gravy, French toast, Hashes (plural!), breakfast skins (you a fan?) oh and yes, the multiple egg omelette. Our toast is great, really, but we can give you that thin, fall-apart, marshmallowy, builds strong bodies 12 ways stuff too.

And what about the kids! Kids menu yes. Chocolate fountain, yes. And yes, adults can partake in the chocolate fountain.

Am I reading your mind?

And who knows, if Sundays continue to be the amazing days they have been, then we could consider Saturdays too. Maybe we’ll just become a breakfast and beer joint, you know?

Click here to see our new Sunday breakfast menu!

Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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