I am feeling a bit frisky (for an old guy – not quite as bent over as in winter) as I begin to experience warmth not generated by oil, gas or wood, but by the sun, which orb had betrayed me as recently as last fall. Cold, yellow, stone in the sky, seems to be morphing, turning into a bit of a heater. Cheers bro, coulda done that a bit sooner, yo.

So, like a bear considering re-emergence, I stick my head outside for the first time in 90 days and I find that my face does not instantly freeze in place, with a frown. I had forgotten this other, warmer, outdoor thing. Where am I? I have missed you all. How was your Christmas? And your winter in general? Ugh. Sorry, but my cave was just the best.

Our great New England flirt, Mother Nature-North East, has begun her annual tease and I am drawn in; no, I am enchanted; no, in love. Yes, that’s it. I think of nothing else, no one else, but my betrothed, spring lover. Warm partner. Her face is the sun. Her breath is a balmy breeze. Her voice is a bird song. Her touch, warm – when she wants it to be. Is she capricious? Surely. Worth it? Duh. I am a slave to her unfaithful charms.

My son is studying literary devices. Thought I’d try out some personification mixed with a solid dose of metaphor. How’d I do? (Rhetorical question….. pa-lease!). You can get carried away with this stuff.

Well, the point of all this is that our Deck, aka, ‘The Beaches of Gardner’, is going to be ready real soon. Now who’s the tease?

Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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Open 7 Days Per Week
Opens 11:30am Monday through Saturday

Sunday Live Jazz Breakfast 9am till 11:45am
Bar Opens & Live Jazz Begins at 10am
Regular Menu & Dinner Specials available at 12:15pm

Late Night Menu
Sunday through Wednesday
9pm till 10pm
Thursday through Saturday
10pm till 11pm

10am till Last-Call*
Monday – Wednesday
11:30am till Last-Call*
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
11:30am till Last-Call*

*No sooner than 11pm
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January 25, 2019 – Winter Beach Party at the Gardner Ale House

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