UPDATE! The governor has announced! And the word is ‘go’. So, we are open this Monday, June 22, with proper social distancing rules in place. Masks, 6 feet, looking straight ahead and all that. (Not to trivialized the importance of social distance, but I am nearly at my wits end, so I joke a bit.)

This is what I wrote before the gov. announced.
Talk about a rumor mill.   I’m hearing from all corners that Massachusetts restaurants will be able to open Monday, June 22. But when I go out and look at all the official websites and search the web for “Restaurants open for indoor dining in Massachusetts” I come up with zilch. Apparently the governor has said that the soonest restaurants could be expected to reopen for indoor dining is Monday, June 22. And everyone is running with that. However, it’s not a guarantee, but somehow, everywhere I look, everyone is saying Monday, like it’s etched in stone. So, if I were a betting man, I’d bet that we’d be open this Monday. However, we are rule followers (just keeps us out of trouble) and so we can’t take reservations until it’s official. That is, not until the governor sings.

I’m not one to dangle a carrot, but “See you Monday, inside?”

Call for reservations, but not before Saturday. June 20. We just aren’t ready yet!
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Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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