We are Back at it Mondays & Tuesdays
We are finally at the end of being closed for lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are back to being always open, lunch and dinner. 7 days a week. You see, we needed some time to get adjusted and business was a bit slow and we had to go to this new menu and a new kitchen and a new chef – yes, a new chef, his name is Darryl.
You see? We had a lot of excuses to be closed for lunches on Monday and Tuesday. We are now operating smoothly and always open for dine-in, take-out, parking lot pickup, even the deck when the weather permits and you’re feeling frisky.
And of course there is that new menu. That new menu. You have never seen the likes of it at the Ale House; not in my tenure and my tenure extends 15 years. This menu is groundbreaking. It’s breakthrough stuff. You don’t see this kind of food and so excellently prepared, around much.The burgers are huge and juicy and charred on our new super high temperature char broiler. The salads are all new, the steak tips are high-end Certified Angus Beef flap meat, the pizza oven has been cranked to an all time high in the 500 degree range and the pizzas are coming out thin and crisp and those are all new too, new ingredients, new method of cooking, new dough. The chicken parm is pan fried using in house pounded chicken breast and getting out-of-control commentary (That’s good.). Our new Ale House Dip sandwich is made with grilled ciabatta bread and 5-hour, fall apart short rib. And the dipping sauce is drinkable – if there’s any left. We have warm chips and onion dip, which onion dip is the best this experienced taster has ever had.
And this menu is so takeoutable. Our new fries stand up to the car ride. We soak them, rinse them, par cook them, rapid cool them and drop them for a final cook – per order! No more fries laying around. And they have a secret special seasoning, which won’t be secret if you ask me what it is because I can’t keep a secret like that. But I won’t tell you here.
Ladies & Gentlemen – The Finalists!
Now don’t you just hate it when you ask your server what’s good on the menu and they say “everything”? Come on, commit baby. What do you recommend? I’ll tell you my top picks, but like choosing Miss America, I will leave my winner till last:
4th runner up? Honey Asian Salad. It’s got the Asian flavor thing going on, hits the hunger spot with a bit of pasta, has marinated chicken grilled and charred on our new, aformentioned, high temp charbroiler and has just the right mix of produce to appease your health-guilty-conscience self-loathing, diet mental critical mechanism.
3rd runner up? Korean Street Tacos with dirty rice. I’ve already had these about 14 times. Too good to describe, not gonna.
2nd runner up? Margherita Pizza. This is what a cheese pizza is supposed to be. Fresh crushed tomato pizza sauce, just the right amount of three cheese blend, fresh chiffonade basil, oregano and thin crust dough fired up at over 500 degrees. The whole thing cooks in just a few minutes.
Jimmy Hendrix Star Spangled Banner please! So much better than a drum roll. May I present the Miss America of common American menu glitterati: Baked Haddock! There she is. Just a country bumpkin making the ordinary wonderful and sublime. Can you think of anything more boring sounding than Baked Haddock? I just cannot emote enough regarding my unbridled pleasure and great surprise upon opening and eating my takeout Baked Haddock last week. Yes, even in takeout she performed. If you are going to use a name as boring as Baked Haddock, it certainly, should oughta, have something going on. Here is the description: Buttery bread crumbs, lemon, white wine, baked sweet potato, sautéed green beans. I will admit to subbing the sweet potato for mashed. This haddock was perfectly cooked, moist, flaky. The bread crumbs tasty and a perfect compliment to the bite and flavor of the protein. The potatoes warm and sumptuous. And the green beans, perfectly done. If you have to eat them you might as well cook ’em right!
That’s my positive rant.
Come on out and eat. It’s safe and clean here. And you can’t tell what we all look like, which, these days, is a good thing.
Thanks for being there.
Rick Walton
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