Strictly speaking, to say that Sunday brunch is BACK is not enough. Strictly speaking, it is, but it isn’t, really. Some people remember a brunch buffet with scads of chafing dishes and a ‘hog in trough’ kind of atmosphere, myself having been a part of the brawl on several occasions. Nowadays, such side-by-side elbowing, for obvious reasons, is giving way to a more genteel, dare we say, elegant, approach to Sunday’s finest dining hours. The feed is just as formidable as in the days of the buffet, but it is now menu based – entrees as it were – all identically priced, all arriving with your choice of beverage included. Mouth watering, gum smacking, denture grabbing, brunch food.

I love our brunch more than anything because it celebrates the weekend, past and present. That is, we celebrate Saturday for all that it was and Sunday for all it will be. And the food is decidedly different from our normal pub fare and in a phrase, is, “off the charts”. This is a country breakfast like you read about in a book on country breakfasts. And you get your choice of beverage included. Portions are huge and the value is difficult to believe. So, to summarize, amazing and difficult-to-believe brunch begins at 10 AM on Sunday and goes till 2 PM. Regular menu begins at 11 AM like always. So you see, and we see too, that at the very same table and at the very same time, breakfast and lunch and dinner can be had! Who does that?

Beverage included people! You know what that means, right? It means to subtract something like $6 or $7 from the $16 entree price if you want to compare to other breakfasts around town.

Let the menu speak!

Sunday Brunch Menu

Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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