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We have a new executive chef, a new cooking team and a tight, pubby, seasonal menu. Quality and consistency are up, and we have 4.4 stars on Google. That’s the background,
now listen to this:

Do you know when you go on Indeed.com to post your restaurant cooking job and you put your job description together with all the details and what you want to pay and you get all excited and you push the button to submit your final posting, Indeed comes back and says, in so many words, “You have about a 1 in a million chance of getting a candidate for this position in your area. It will take approximately 3 years to hire for this job. You would have to do something like move to West Texas to find a large enough candidate pool. Is there some other job you’d like to post for? Perhaps stockbroker or landscape artist?” Not Indeed’s fault. It’s the lay of the land. Pay rates are skyrocketing and it still doesn’t seem to matter.

Yup, I might as well be looking to hire an ex lunar module command pilot instead of the very rare Assistant Chef. Where is everybody?

Business is ramping up. And we need an Assistant Chef. Pay rates have never been higher, thanks to the lack of qualified candidates. If this is your jam, and you have the goods, then you should be applying here. It turns out our Executive Chef is refusing to work 7 12-hour days. What’s up with kids today? When I was young… Nevermind.

Assistant Chef Job Description
We are looking for a very experienced restaurant kitchen professional who can take control of our kitchen as an assistant to the executive chef. Operating under the guidance of our chef you will act as second-in-command. You will have intimate knowledge of the menu and recipes for times when the executive chef is not available. Your responsibilities will include cooking, managing inventory, managing staff and overseeing food quality. You will be a team leader, helping to maintain a clean, busy and efficient cooking line. The assistant chef will be here when the executive chef has days off and will overlap with the executive chef on other days. This is a full-time job with 5 days on and two days off.

So, are you interested? Search for “Assistant Chef” in Gardner, MA on Indeed.com

Final note: Please go on to Google and give us 5 stars if you feel you honestly can. 4 stars won’t help. Search for Gardner Ale House on Google and scroll down and find the Write A Review button. If we can get to 4.5 stars on Google, I will lose my mind – yes, more than I already have.

Thanks for being there!

Rick Walton
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