The beer formerly known as Summer’s End and Summer’s End Kölsch is now known as Löcal Kölsch. Why? It’s an identity thing by a vain beer, not knowing which way to turn and so turning like a whirling dervish. Not very impressive, I admit, but what’s a beer heroine to do? It’s not like Kölsch has nothing to strut. It’s just that she (yes, for this post Kölsch is a girl) just isn’t confident enough to simply throw something on and head out the door. It runs in my family. Mornings in the closet are just the worst. However, we believe we’ve calmed things down a bit. Hence, Löcal Kölsch.

And so, the beer formerly known as Summer’s End is now Löcal Kölsch. The primary real reason for the ‘to and fro’ness’ of the name is that historically Summer’s End only saw good numbers in the summer and Peter’d out in the off seasons. We couldn’t have this year-round wonderful example of German brewing excellence falter in the colder months. Kölsch almost rhymes with Cold, right? It’s def a cool season beer too.

But here’s the crux of our current problem. Löcal Kölsch doesn’t look summery anymore and so while all our other beers enjoy strong summer numbers, our summer flagship is, well, flagging. Hence, this blog post. A blog post fixes everything all the time I’ve found. If anything needs attention, fixing, clarifying, I just rip off a post and the world (at least my world) is better off.

So, let me introduce Löcal Kölsch. Our first ever craft beer; brewed in my basement since 1998 and at Moon Hill Brewing since 2006. We reserve the right to change the name at least one more time as we dial in an appropriate identity. But we will never change the beer. And, while we are sweating the summer,  let’s not sweat the details of the name. This is your summer beer!

Thanks for being there!

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