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Here's what's in our fridge!

What’s in our fridge?
Last time we looked,
this is what we had in cans!

All of our 14 beers are available in large and small growlers.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Red Apple Farm Semi-Sweet
5.7% ABV  Gluten Free!
Hard Cider

Our semi-sweet hard cider is made for you sweet types. It isn’t all that sweet, so don’t get excited. It’s still our very original, Red Apple Farm cider, with just a hint of cidery sweetness to lure you in. We are proud of this collaboration cider made on the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston, MA. from fresh New England apples pressed weekly.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

6.5% ABV  65 IBU
East Coast IPA

Pufnstuf is an East Coast IPA. With New England IPA roots, Pufnstuf’s fresh citrus taste, courtesy of Simcoe, Amarillo and Columbus hops, screams East Coast and complements a grain bill (Pilsner, Munich, Oats, Dextrine), which provides body and comfort to the aggressive hop character.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Oats Magoats
8% ABV  56 IBU
Double IPA

Double IPA? Extra IPA, Extreme or Imperial? Yes! Citra hops lend a distinct apricot aroma. Centennial and Amarillo have Oats Magoats jumping out of the glass. Oats are a great body shot to the baseline of this beer. The ensemble crushes.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Captain Easy
4.5% ABV  27 IBU
Session IPA

Captain Easy is a hazy session IPA that sports pineapple and citrus notes. A quintessential yacht rock easy drinking beer. Sailing to your glass.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Candy Mountain, Charlie! Red Raspberry
5.2% ABV  13 IBU
Kettle-soured Fruit Ale

Our rotating series of kettle-soured fruit ales.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Bouctouche Blonde
5.9% ABV  21 IBU
Belgian Blonde

This Belgian Blonde ale has a beautiful balance of fruity esters and spicy phenolics that result in an easy drinking beer that hides its alcohol frightfully well.

Puff N Stuf - Moon Hill Brewing Co

Perley Girl
5.4% ABV  29 IBU
German Pilsner

Perley Girl is a light lager designed to showcase the fruity, floral, and spicy Perle hop. An easy drinker with subtle and intricate old world hop notes.

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